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The Original Danish Kringle from Racine.

The Danes began their migration to Racine Wisconsin in the late 1800s, and with them came the tradition of making the Danish Kringle pastry. Lehmann’s Bakery is the oldest continually operating bakery in Racine, and has carried on the tradition of making the original Danish Kringle for more than 80 years.

Charlie Palmer-Ball: Baker, Owner

Our world famous Kringles are made fresh daily, starting from scratch in our own kitchen. Lehmann’s authentic recipe and time-honored process has been followed since the 1930’s.

Over a three day period, we roll, fold and rest the dough, producing over 48 layers, ready for the fresh fruit or nut filling to be generously spread by hand.

We carefully stretch and fold the Kringle in to the unique traditional oval shape. Baked to a warm golden flaky texture, our Kringles are honey-glazed and then coated with a rich creamy icing while still warm.

Take advantage of Lehmann’s special pricing on our five 28 oz. Gourmet Deluxe flavored Kringle’s. Flavors include Bourbon Pecan, Amaretto Almond, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Raspberry White Chocolate & Lemon Cheesecake. Get $5.00 off every two 28 oz. Gourmet Deluxe Kringle’s!

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