28 Ounce Ring Fruit/Cheese Filled Kringles

28 Ounce Ring Fruit/Cheese Filled Kringles


Lehmann’s Bakery’s 28 Ounce Ring Fruit/Cheese Filled Kringles offer a luxurious taste experience with a variety of 10 luscious fruit flavors. Made with fresh, whole berries, tangy apple chunks, and rich cheese fillings, these Kringles are based on our original recipe from the 1930s. The collection includes our best-selling Raspberry Kringle, along with Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Cherry, Cranberry, Cream Cheese, Strawberry, Apricot, and Blueberry flavors. Perfect for any time of day, these fruit-filled Kringles are a delightful way to enjoy the richness of fruits and the creamy texture of cheese in one exquisite pastry.

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Indulge in the rich, fruity flavors of Lehmann’s Bakery’s 28 Ounce Ring Fruit/Cheese Filled Kringles, a delightful collection that brings together the freshness of fruits and the creamy richness of cheese. Each Kringle in this selection is a testament to our heritage, crafted using Lehmann’s original recipe that dates back to the 1930s.

Our fruit-filled Kringles are brimming with fresh, whole berries and succulent apple chunks, ensuring each bite is packed with natural flavor and sweetness. The Raspberry Kringle, our best-selling fruit-filled pastry, is a favorite among our customers, offering the perfect balance of sweet raspberries in every slice.

The assortment includes a variety of flavors to cater to all tastes: the classic Apple and the warmly spiced Apple Cinnamon, the rich and tangy Cherry, the tart Cranberry, and the smooth Cream Cheese Kringle. Each flavor is a celebration of the fruits’ natural essence, complemented by our soft, flaky pastry.

Don’t forget to try our other scrumptious flavors like Strawberry, Apricot, and Blueberry. These Kringles are not just desserts; they are a journey through flavors and a nod to our baking traditions. Perfect for any occasion, whether as a special treat or a part of your daily indulgence, Lehmann’s Fruit/Cheese Filled Kringles are sure to delight.

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